What are the different types of subscriptions?

We currently offer the Biomarker Blood Test Kits in the following models:

  1. Billed Quarterly - Quarterly Subscription billed four times per year for $135.00 each *most popular
  2. Billed Annually - Yearly Subscription billed one time per year for $195.00
  3. Billed Monthly - Monthly Subscription billed 12 times per year (coming soon!)
  4. Billed Once - One-time purchase for $245.00

Can I modify, pause, or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can easily do this inside the Spren app any time after your initial purchase. There is no commitment whatsoever and you will keep access to your previous test data if you decide to cancel.

When is my card charged?

For Quarterly and Yearly Members, your card is charged every time a testing kit is shipped to you. The frequency of shipping depends on your subscription type.

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