Why is the Morning Readiness Reading Useful?

The Morning Readiness reading is what is used to build your HRV baseline.

The Morning Readiness readings depend on consistency in the reading routine. The daily HRV fluctuations are what give you your Readiness score, which is what you would look like from day to day. In the long term, you would look at your HRV (1-100 score) trends as well.

This article discusses how your routine being consistent will cut down on the conditions that would acutely affect your HRV score, giving you the clearest possible picture of what your HRV baseline is: Why Morning Readiness?

The HRV score will change as you continue to sit there taking readings, so the idea is to get a good, clean reading, and trust that it is the right one for your baseline that day.

The same is true for any other body metrics you're keeping track of. Take blood pressure for example - the longer you sit there and take your blood pressure, the lower and "better" it will get. If you're taking blood pressure daily, you should try to take it at the same time and in the same conditions (as much as possible) each day.

Similar to other body metrics, you never want to take your Readiness score as gospel and follow its recommendations with no context or other considerations. It is simply one of several metrics you can take each day to check in on yourself.

If the app gives you a perfect 10 but you are feeling under the weather, do not ignore your subjective feelings in favor of the app.

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