What is a good HRV score?

The average HRV score is about 59 for Spren HRV users. Being above or below average is interesting to know, but it does not tell you whether your score is “good” or “bad”.

Greater Heart Rate Variability (a higher HRV score) at rest is generally indicative of better health, a younger biological age, and better aerobic fitness. However, Heart Rate Variability is affected by everything from your mindset, to air quality, to age, and exercise patterns.

What is good for you depends on your individual circumstances, your starting point, and your goals. Comparing you to yourself over time is generally the most important and effective method of reaching your goals. That being said, it’s nice to know where your starting point falls on the spectrum.

How do you stack up compared to your age and gender demographics?

If your HRV values are below your age-gender demographic range, then you may have underlying health concerns that are negatively affecting your biological age and should be addressed. Conversely, if your HRV values are regularly higher than your comparable age-gender demographic range, congratulations! Your biological age may be younger than your chronological age.

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