Getting Started with Personalized Nutrition

Congratulations on getting started with Sprens Personalized Nutrition Program!

Please note: if you have not taken a scan recently, the app will prompt you to take a scan prior to setting up your personalized nutrition program.

  1. First select what your primary body composition goal is - Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, or Maintain your current body composition

  1. You will then be asked a series of questions based on your selection above (below was based on fat loss)

  1. Select your target or goal weight

  1. As your daily activity and sleep are very important inputs to improving your body composition, we ask that you connect with Apple Health so we can personalize your plan over time

  1. Now it's time to tell us about your exercise and activity routine, to adjust your activity levels, slide the arrow at the bottom of the screen to make your selection

  1. Tell us about your sleep - and please be sure to check ALL that apply to you

  1. Indicate if you are at risk for any of the following health conditions below. Your macros and recommended pace will be adjusted based on your health risks. Select ALL that apply to you. This is a very important step in setting up your Personalized Nutrition.

  1. Please select your preferred diet: Balanced, Low-Carb, Low-Fat, Plant-Based, or Ketogenic.

  1. What pace do you want to make your composition changes?

  1. Your Personalized Nutrition Plan is now ready for you, be sure to click "Done" and your plan will now appear on the home screen of the app.

Coming very soon in our next app update you will be able to log your meals directly in the Spren app. In the meantime, you can use any food logging app of your choice to track your nutrition and meet your macro goals!

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