The Importance of Lean Mass for Healthy Aging

Preserving strength and lean muscle mass is critical to healthy aging and longevity.

While declining muscle mass is a natural part of aging, actively working to maintain or increase healthy lean mass can help combat many of the health conditions encountered later in life, helping to increase your longevity and health span.

Studies show a 35 - 40% loss of strength and up to 50% loss of muscle mass by the age of 80. Working to build up your lean muscle earlier in life can have payoffs later.

6 reasons why lean mass benefits your health as you age

Lean mass keeps your bones strong and healthy

Greater muscle mass leads to better bone health. Individuals with higher lean mass have stronger and denser bones that are less prone to injury and fracture.

Lean mass is associated with better mobility and reduces your risk of falls

Lean muscle mass and strength are important for balance and mobility. People with reduced muscle mass have 2.3 times the risk of falling and breaking a bone. These injuries can significantly increase the risk of mortality in older populations.

Lean mass burns fat and combats obesity

Increased lean body mass increases your resting metabolic rate (i.e. metabolism) and helps burn more calories while at rest. This helps combat obesity and obesity-related health conditions.

Lean mass can protect against insulin resistance and diabetes

Muscle tissue is needed to clear new glucose from the blood and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that higher muscle mass is associated with better insulin sensitivity and a lower risk of developing diabetes.

Lean mass increases your energy levels

Lean mass impacts your metabolism and provides more sustainable energy burn that helps prevent energy crashes and reduces fatigue.

Helps to combat cognitive decline 

Studies suggest that regular strength training may help improve your thinking and learning abilities and prevent age-related mental decline.

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